It’s confirmed!!!

Hello everyone!

The summer is slowly on it’s way and the summer vacation is slowly coming so I planned some destinations to got to.

The first destination where I am going to is * drum roll * Italy!!!

I already went to Italy once before and that was some where in October last year. This time I’m going for a wedding. The daughter of a friend of my mother is going to marry so I was invited to this wedding. I haven’t been to a wedding for a long time. I can’t even remember anymore which my last was. I am already happy that I am about to go with the thought of it. I’ll be staying in Italy for 1 week and then I am heading back home again. I will announce the place where I am staying when I’m in Italy itself through my twitter!

My second destination where I am heading to is * drum roll * Malaysia!!!

To Malaysia I already went 4 times and this is going to be my 5th time. Some of you might thing why I am heading to Malaysia. Well, let me tell you that my dad is born overthere and I am still Chinese, haha. In Malaysia there are also a lot of Chinese people. Malaysia is mixed country between Chinese people and Indonesian people. I always go to Malaysia with joy, because my dad’s friends are really fun to hang out with. And the places where I am heading to are also very nice!!! I will head to Malaysia together with my dad, little brother and 3 friends of mine. Well, I don’t see them anymore as friends. We see each other more as family, a big family, haha.

This is a little update about what I am going to do. Till that time I don’t really have anything interesting to update you all on. So, I think I’m going to prepare some nice and cool outfit post for you all and reviews and things like that.



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