June’s Favourite

Hello everyone!

The time really flies when you’re enjoying your life, haha. June has passed and we’re already in July, done with school and the summervacations can start! But before I’m heading on vacation I want to share my favourites of June with you.


Fashion Favourite

For the Fashion Favourite I find the Denim outfit the most fitted. It has a spring/summer feel into it because of the bird backpack. The outfit is whole denim except for the shoes and the backpack, but the accent of this outfit is the backpack which makes it a summer/spring outfit!


Beauty Favourite

My Beauty Favourite is absolutely the 3 products which came out as result after doing the skintest from Clinique. I still don’t have the products yet, because I don’t have the money. I think I will get them somewhere in December I guess, because I’m heading on vacation to Italy and Malaysia and I will buy some beauty products overthere. Since people in Asia are really striving for the “perfect beauty” I will get a lot of products from there. That’s the reason why the products overthere are really good! The people in Asia are more into that “perfect beauty” thing than people in Europe or America. I’m not trying to say that people in the Western don’t have those beauty standard or people who are striving for that “perfect beauty” thing, but I find the people in Asia are more into that. If you don’t really have those Asian beauty standard you will even called ugly by your own parents even though they still love you.

Music Favourite

As a music lover I found out about this song through a friend of mine. This song is really beautiful and I really like this!

Happy Moments Favourite

There have been a lot of Happy Moments for me the last time. I just got my certification, I’m heading to Malaysia and Italy and I went to Fashionclash. But if I had to choose I will choose that I’m heading to Italy and Malaysia. Because this is the first time I’m going on vacation 2 times. And also 2 times behind each other. I’m going to depart 5 July to Italy and I’ll be back at 11 July. When I’m back I can rest for 2 days and then head to Malaysia again on the 14th July, haha. I will come back at the 28th of July and then I will update you all on what I have done overthere!


Blog Favourite

For my blog there still hasn’t anything happened which I can make as a favourite, but there is one which I can still put it as a favourite of mine. That’s the Fashionclash! I went there actually to watch and get some inspiration, but when I came home I thought why am I not going to write about it. So, the Fashionclash is a project where I went to on my own. I mean, that I didn’t get an invitation to go to. At the end of August, I will head to another kind of project/festival on my own. I will tell you soon about it.

Do you have a favourite? Let me know in the comment section below!



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Beautylist: Clinique

Hello everyone!

A lot of you already might know that I am a hygiene lover and someone who doesn’t like dirty things. Today I was on a hunt for some new products to add on my wishlist. I have found out a brand that have catched my eye! This brand has actually already caught my eye at the moment when I began to be a hygiene freak, but I never put an interest into it because I thought it was a very expensive brand.

My mom use a lot of expensive brands and she doesn’t like to test out new brands. Anyways, I am not like my mom and I love to find out new products! Since I want to be sure that this product is good I did a little research. I have found out that

- Clinique is a skin care line developed by Estée Lauder Companies.
Clinique is also the first allergy tested , dermatologist-driven line.
Clinique has a 3 step system which feature a cleanser, toner and moisturisor.
- Clinique products does not have any fragnance and is safe to use.
– The most popular porducts in the Clinique Range are Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion, Moisture Surge, Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel, Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle Correcting Eye Cream, All About Eyes and Turnaround Overnight Radiance Moisturizer.

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Source: thedermreview

As you can see Clinique is a very good brand! So after finding out all these results I started to look more into the products I want to use. On the official website of Clinique you can do a skintest and when the results come out they will advice you immediatly which products you can use. I got Liquid Facid SoapClarifying Lotion 2 and Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel. And these are also the products I want to try out! Since these products already have the important function I don’t think I’m going to search for more.

liquid facial soap

Liquid Facid Soap

The Liquid Facid Soap is a cleanser and this cost €20,90 Euros and $16,50 Dollars. This product will clean your face while it protects the skin’s natural moisture balance so there’s no taut or dry feeling. This works on all skin types and is to get in 3 different formulas: Very dry to Dry skin, Dry Combination skin and Combination Oily or Oily skin. And because it’s a pump it will give the perfect amount that you need. It also prepares your skin for the exfoliating by the Clarifying Lotion 2.

clarifying lotion 2

Clarifying Lotion 2

The CLarifying Lotion 3 is an exfoliater and it cost €21,80 – €33,20 Euros and $13,00 – $22,50 Dollars. It cleans your face from all the dirt and old skin cells. This product will also help to keep your pores small which keep your face clean. The Clarifying lotion 2 also excess oil so moisturizer can do it’s job better. This product is not only to get in just 2, but also in 1, 3 and 4. The clarifying lotion 2 is for Dry Combination skin and 3 is for Oily skin and 1 is for Very dry to Dry skin and 4 is for Very Oily skin. After this you can use the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel the best.

dramatically different moisturizing gel

Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel

The Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel is a moisturizer and it cost €26,40 – €50,80 Euros and $14,50 – $26,00 Dollars. This product is created to keep your fluid balance optimal. This is for people who have soft cheeks that feels comfortable, but has an oily T-zone. This is a oil-free hydration with skin-strengthing ingredients. People who has an oilier face can use this too. They also have this in a lotion form. The lotion is for people with a Very Dry to Dry skin and Dry Combination skin.

I really enjoyed writing this. Since I already knew that I was about to buy it I did a research for this article which has gave me more information about the products and the brand itself. After doing the research part I knew a lot of things and now I’m definitely going to buy this…when I have the money, haha. I’m still learning myself to try not to give out so much money.

Did you enjoy this article? Let me know in the comment section below and maybe there are much more articles like these coming up!



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