Urban Buttons

Hello everyone!

For this post I came up with an outfit I styled and as inspiration I had hiphop. The music genre hiphop is getting  a lot more attention by singers and listeners. Fashion is created with music as inspiration. So this is the outfit I styled.


You would probably think “what? Black pants in this weather?!”. To remind you, I didn’t styled this because of the weather, but because of the music genre hiphop. And the weather here in The Netherlands is never the same so I doesn’t mind to wear black. Actually, I was actually to wear a black T-shirt, but white fits better to it!

Here underneath I found out 6 different ways to style this outfit:











  1. I have closed 2 buttons here. This way of styling gives off a cool image. Even though this style is more hiphop oriented, this way of styling gives you also a bolder image.
  2. This way of wearing you probably have done it before. All the buttons open. This gives you a casual radiation. The funny thing about wearing this is that it looks very spontaneous!
  3. This one gives off a really sexy and a challenging image. Merely, I’m not so sexy, haha. It’s actually about who it wears. As you can see in this picture, it looks like I’ve used drugs, but I didn’t and I don’t even use it. This means I have to sleep more!!! Anyways, about the outfit. I wore this shirt with 2 buttons closed, but then start from the bottom and the others open. This gives off a sexy, challenging and rough image.
  4. This one I like the most! I got my inspiration from Beyonce her latest tour, “Mrs. Carter World Tour 2″. She also used a shirt around her middle, so do I. At first I try to make the sleeves to the same length, then I made a knot in it and then I surrounded the sleeves 1 time around the knot and finally I made another knot in it. This one gives also a sexy image, but not rough or challenging. You could wear it like this when the weather is hot!
  5. This one is the simplest. Here I put my shirt away and only used the clothes I already have on. Now, that I put the shirt away you could see the necklace better. I used the necklace also in the other 4 other outfits. In this oufit you could see the necklace better, because the focus goes to the necklace. This one is very simple and gives off a casual image.
  6. For this outfit I don’t have a photo, because I just thought of this one. This one everyone knows already, so that’s why a photo is also needed. This one is just closing all the buttons. It gives off a clean and casual image.

IMG_1266 IMG_1264 IMG_1248

Red Checkered shirt / H&M
White T-shirt / New Yorker (SMOG)
Black Skinny Jeans / H&M
Red Adidas shoes / Adidas store in Italy
Wing Necklace / Ebay

- JC Wong

When I was in Amsterdam


Hello everyone!

Last Tuesday I went to Amsterdam with school and I did a few things. Unfortunately, I didn’t do a lot when I had spare time, but I’ll explain that later :)

So, I had to wake up at 6 am, but I didn’t so I actually woke up at half past 6 am and then quickly brushed my teeth and did my morning skin care routine. After that my little brother and I left home at around 7 o’clock and our dad brought me to school. We had to be 07.20 am at school, but we were there at 07.10 am so we were quite early. We were going to Amsterdam by buss. So, we got on as soon as the buss has arrived. Not too long the buss departed to Amsterdam. I fell immediatly asleep, because I needed my sleep and I didn’t sleep enough to be awake the whole day.

On our way we were stuck in traffic a few times, but luckily the busy traffic was done after we’ve passed Eindhoven. You are probably thinking how does he know that? I’ve asked around why we weren’t in Amsterdam yet…so that’s how I knew that we were stuck in traffic, haha.

And in the end, we’ve finally arrived in Amsterdam at 10.45 am so we still had time untill we started our programme at the best acoustic/classic concert building of the world!!! In that spare time the teachers took us to the most expensive street of Amsterdam a.k.a. PC Hoofdstraat and I have to say “Goddamn, there are lots of nice shops!!!”. For all my readers outside the Netherlands I will definitely recommend to go to PC Hoofdstraat when you’re visiting Amsterdam. I was so fascinated by all those shops that the time went by and we had to go back to the concert building.


I’m not a very interested person when it comes to architecture so I have also forgotten who had designed the concert building, but I thought it was something like Kuijpers. The only thing that I could remember was that it was a He and that he was Dutch. But I do remember things when it comes to music, haha. The most concert that was held in the concert building were classic music. Also pop, but way more classic! Since, I’m not so very interested into classic music I find the tour through the concert building the most fun, because in the begin the guide explained a lot about why this was the best concert building in the world and it was because of the echo. But it’s not only the tour that made it fun, but also our guide. He was talking with so much enthusiasme that I was very focused and learned! So, Thank You for that :D

When we were done at the concert building we immediatly headed to the Rijksmuseum. Only the real pieces of Rembrandt van Rijn and other famous Dutch artists are in this museum to see. Even though I’ve yawned a few times I find this museum also very interesting. This is also a must when you’re visiting Amsterdam! I have seen a lot of Asian people here, but also other races. At this museum we didn’t get a guide to show us around, because our teachers did it themselves. So, I’ve also learned a lot from them!

And finally after the Rijksmuseum we had our spare time to walk around!!! Unfortunately, I couldn’t buy something because it took us so long to find the Leidseplein and the Leidsestraat. Anyways, I will head back to Amsterdam again sometime and then I probably will have the time to walk around. So, for now let’s say that I was exploring Amsterdam, haha.

- JC Wong

It’s my birthday!!!

Hello everyone!

If you are following my twitter thhen you’ve probably known that today it’s my birthday. Even though it’s my birthday I have to work, but I don’t mind. I think I’ll throw a party, when I have time, because currently me and my friends are very busy with school and all those other things so I think I’ll throw a party when everybody has free time!!!

I wish I could have some giveaways, but my blog doesn’t have enough followers so I hope that I will get a chance next year and that my blog has grew till then. Well, even though this was a small post I wish you all have a nice day on this beautiful and imporant day, haha.

- JC Wong


Bershka Favourites

Hello everyone!

Not too long ago I came up with this segment. Every month I will do a brand favourites and this time it became Bershka. The meaning of this segment is just to show you some favourites of mine from the brand. So, I will choose some clothes that I like and which are my style. And if it possible in the future I’m going to buy the product and style them for y’all!

If you’ve followed my twitter, you have probably known that tmorrow is my birthday, right? Anyways, my birthday isn’t very special because I have to go to work and I don’t know yet if I’m going to throw a birthday party or not, but probably not. I’m still thinking about it :) Continue reading

September Wishlist

Hello everyone!

I welcome you into September. The summer is beginning to fade, actually not yet here. And the Fall is coming out. So, it’s time for my September Wishlist a.k.a my B’day List, haha. My birthday is on the 14th september so it’s this Sunday!!!

  1. Bomber Jacket / Bershka
  2. Ying Yang Package (shoes) / Mason x FOUR
  3. Hooded open-front cardigan / Danjieshi
  4. Shirt with zipper on the sides / The Sting
  5. Asher high top sneaker / Alexander Wang
  6. Clinique 3-system skin care
  7. Canon EOS camera

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Mason x Four

mxf yin yang 2

Hello everyone!

Just found out about these beautiful babies on Instagram. I really love them! You can purchase them today at 10.00 am at the official Mason Garments site. These babies cost €289,- Euros which is kinda expensive for me, but I hope they have them in stock for long even though it’s a limited edition, haha. Fingercrossed. Continue reading

Thatchineseboy (start over)

Hello everyone!

This blog was actually started on the 1st January, but after a while I didn’t posted anything so I let down my blog and my readers a bit. Anyways, I’m back up and I want to make a brand of Thatchineseboy!!! What I mean by that is that Thatchineseboy will become a known name, I don’t mean to become like Chanel, Prada, L’oreal or something…(or do I???), haha. I will try my best to post frequently so currently I’m thinking about posting every Friday and Saturday and maybe more, but we’ll see about that soon :)

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