Fashionclash ’14

Hello everyone!

Last weekend from 12 June till 15 June was the Fashionclash Festival here in Maastricht. Of course, I have went to the festival. It was also my first time. I went Saturday to walk around in the exhibition place and Sunday I went to watch the fashionshows.


What is Fashionclash? Fashionclash is a platform for international & interdisciplinary for new generations designers. I really like the idea and the project. Through this a lot of (young and new) designers gets a little bit of fame. At this festival there are a lot of national and international people in the audience, people from the press and fashion industry leaders, etc. Fashionclash is started in 2009 with 700 talented designers from 30 different countries which was a really big hit! Some of the designer’s career has really started from there! And every year Fashionclash grows and this year was already their 6th edition.

Want to know more about Fashionclash? Click here.

Here below you will see a few photos from the fashionshow where I went to. I hope you all like it!



p.s. Excuse me for some bad quality photos. The models were walking really fast and my camera can’t take moving pictures so…yeah….


ABOUT 11 (3rd year MAFAD A.K.A. Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design)
AVADEM (Netherlands)
Baiba Ladiga (Latvia)
Catarina Oliveira (Portugal)
Ciara Monahan (UK)
David Bacali (Slovenia)
Ebby Port (Netherlands)
Eumni Kwon (South Korea)
Freya Proudlock (UK)
Hana Frisonsova (Czech Repulic)
HOWL by Maria Glück (Spain)
IMA MAD (Poland)
JETPAQ (Netherlands)
IINUA | Joelle boers & Bregje Cox (Netherlands)
Judith van Vliet & Chris van den Elzen (Netherlands)
KONY by Marija Janosevic (Serbia)
KRJST (Belgium)
Likeme(N) (Netherlands)
Marieke van Geffen (Netherlands)
Mariska Vijverberg (Netherlands)
Marko Marosiuk (Serbia)
Marta Miljanic (Serbia)
MCFOOL by Malou Fool (Netherlands)
Milica Vukadinovic (Serbia)
MICLEE (Italy)
Nienka Hoekstra & Ingrid van de Zalm (Netherlands)
Odio & Jakub Pieczarkwoski (Poland)
Petra Ptackova (Czech Republic)
Plùs Que Ma Viè by Andrea lazzari (Italy)
Sasha Nassar (Isreal)
Tom van der Borght (Belgium)
W by Mascha van Wely (Netherlands)
Yojiro Kake (Japan)
ZWYRD (Poland)
Milou van Esch, Dusty Thomas, Gelena Roizen, Lara Beckman (Fashion Graduates MAFAD) (Netherlands)

20140615_185259 20140615_185352 20140615_185424 20140615_185436 20140615_185532 20140615_185602 20140615_185620 20140615_185642 20140615_185743 20140615_185748 20140615_190043 20140615_190057 20140615_190135 20140615_190158 20140615_190221 20140615_190247 20140615_190254 20140615_190328 20140615_190438 20140615_190450 20140615_190612 20140615_190620 20140615_190751 20140615_190807 20140615_190849 20140615_190913 20140615_190954 20140615_191018 20140615_191039 20140615_191305 20140615_191339 20140615_191400 20140615_191446 20140615_191533 20140615_191558 20140615_191823 20140615_191830 20140615_191927 20140615_191938 20140615_191952 20140615_192005 20140615_192043 20140615_192112 20140615_192126 20140615_201150 20140615_201153 20140615_201315 20140615_201325 20140615_201334 20140615_201409 20140615_201657 20140615_201727 20140615_201748 20140615_201810 20140615_202223 20140615_202227 20140615_202413 20140615_202548 20140615_203054 20140615_203331 20140615_203630 20140615_203638 20140615_203722 20140615_203804 20140615_204113 20140615_204314

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