May’s Favourite

Hello everyone!

May has already passed by and I’m ending May withmy May’s Favourite. In this post I will show you all my favourites from May! I’m going to do lots more of these kind of posts. I hope you all wil like this! :)


Beauty Favourite

I really love my skin and probably you have already notice it through my my skincare products post. Since it getting a lot warmer these days and summer is on it’s way. That means to me that I have to prepare my skin and let it feel the warmth, haha. That’s why the Garnier Pure Active Face Scrub is my beauty favourite!


Fashion Favourite

My Fashion Favourite is the urban buttons. Even though it doesn’t fit in the Spring and Summer seasons it’s still my may favourite! I really like this kind of style. But unfortunately this style doesn’t always fits me. :(

Music Favourite

Maybe some of you might know that I’m a big fan of Beyonce. So, my May’s Music Favourite is Beyonce’s Pretty hurts!!! This song is really beautiful and has a beautiful meaning. This was probably also the first song I liked from her latest album. I actually didn’t really like her latest album, but as some of you might know that I went to the Beyonce concert in March. And it was incredible! She sang the songs way better than on the album which made me like her last album, haha. This prove that Beyonce is a very good live singer!!!

Happy Moments Favourite

I have a lot of happy moments have happenedĀ this month, but which really kept with me was that I was accepted for a higher education on the secondary school. This really made me happy, because I don’t really know what I wanted to do and since my grades weren’t really good so I had to hope that they accept me. And in the end it happened, so I was really lucky! What also made me happy and what I also think as a happy moment was that I was accepted for my work at Tokyoto in Maastricht. I was really in need for work to have some money.

Blog Favourite

I have my blog already for 6 months, but nothing really special has happened to me which related my blog. But it was also because I didn’t update enough which kinda upset me. So, I kinda regret that. Now, that I am free from school and have nothing really much important going on anymore that is related to school. I can blog all the time! So, you can except a lot of new, cool and fun things coming up!

These were my favourite of May. I hope you all liked it! Do you have any cool May Favourite? Let me know in the comment section below!



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