Hello everyone!

What suits the Spring and Summer season the best? Of course, denim! You can always wear denim in these seasons. As inspiration I thought about the Spring and Summer. So, that’s how I came up with this look!


For this look I ahve found out 3 different ways to style it:





  1. In this photo I have left the buttons open and I have fold up my sleeves. This gives a casual feeling. I definitely recommend you to wear accesoires with this way of wearing. If you don’t wear any accesoires it doesn’t look good. The accessoires are the details that make this way of wearing complete!
  2. Right here, I just closed the buttons and fold up the sleeves too. This is nothing different than the first one. Just that the buttons are closed. Also in this way of wearing you should wear accessoires orĀ else it doesn’t look good. I haven’t use a lot of accessoires because I only have 1 necklace. But I have paired this style with a bird backpack which you probably have seen before. In the pictures below you will get to see the backpack. :)
  3. For this one I don’t have a photo, but it wasn’t really necessary either. You just have to unfold your sleeves and choose to have your buttons open or closed. Actually all these 3 way of styling gives a casual feeling. This whole look gives a casual feeling!

IMG_1289 IMG_1271 IMG_1287

Denim shirt / Primark
White T-shirt / New Yorker
Armani Jeans / Armani store
White Senma shoes / Senma (store in China)
Bird backpack / Primark



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