My skincare products

Hello everyone!

Something that really important to me is hygiene. The last few months I am very into things that keep me clean and especially my skin. Since I am still in my puberty I have lots of problem with acne. That is also one of the reasons why I want to keep my body, skin and face clean. So, these are my skincare products. Of course, for someone who loves being clean this is absolutely not enough so I am buying a lot of other stuff soon.


I have a feeling that people thinks that caring your skin is gay. Well, I don’t think so and I absolutely disagree with that. Let me keep it simple. “Do you want to have a boy/girlfriend who is clean or someone is really dirty?”. I find that the people who keeps their skin, face, body clean is a clean person. Who doesn’t do that isn’t really clean to me. They might be clean, but we still judge through our first impression.


Nivea cream

I use this cream after when I have scrubbed my face with the Garnier Pure Active face scrub. I do it like this becaue after I have scrubbed the old, dead skincells are already gone. When I put the cream on it shows a healthy and clean skin. On the back of this product it’s writte that it is suited for every skintype. And it’s useful for everywhere when your skin is in need for a rich and mild nurture. I really love this product, because it’s very useful for everywhere and anytime!


Etos handcream

Etos is a drugstore brand here in The Netherlands. It doesn’t sell drugs like weed, cocaïne and those stuff. It sells beauty products and nurture products. I don’t really use this cream a lot, because it’s not very necessary. I only use this when my hands are really dry and sometimes after when I washed my hands a lot. Usually, I don’t buy these kind of brands, because I don’t really feel that they are very thrust-worthy enough. And I have to say that this product does it very good! I also don’t use a lot of this because it will makes my hands more oily and that’s not what I want. Next to that, it’s actually not a really bad product!


Vaseline lipbalm

This product is very necessary to me! Everywhere I am and go I always have dry lips. So, I also carry this lipbalm a lot with me. I always have a bag with me and I put it in there. I don’t know how to fix my dry lips. I also went to the doctor once and asked if there where anything to go against this extremely dry lips. And he just gave me a tube of vaseline, but I didn’t use it because I don’t liked to use it. Since I am more caring about my skin I thought that it’s really important to fix this and since the doctor will give me a tube of this I just went to another drugstore to buy this lipbalm. And I have to say that this works pretty well! I find this better working than what the doctor gave to me.


Garnier Pure Active face scrub

This is my heaven from all the products I have, haha. This one is the most important product I have and I am very happy with it! I use this one when I am showering. In the beginning when I got this product for the first time I put it somewhere else and sometimes I just forget about scrubbing. And since I shower everyday I thought that it would be handier if I put it in the showercabine. I use this product 2 times a week which is better. If I use this once a week I can feel all the dirt on my face and I will also not feel so fine. And after everytime I used this I feel way more better. It shows a healthier and nicer skin. And that’s all I want, haha. This product will help you decrease the amount of acne and keeps your skin clean. After this I usually put directly the Nivea cream.

Which kind of products do you use? Let me know in the comment section below!



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