Fathersday Ideas

Hello everyone!

Fathersday is almost around the corner. So if you don’t have any ideas you really should read this post! Of course, evey father is different so I can’t really come up with ideas for every kind of father. I just thought about some standard fathers so if you’re father is in one of these subject you have luck, haha.

Sporty dads

If your father is a sport fanatic I definitely should buy him some fitness, workout and sport goods and clothes! If your dad is a really hardcore sport fanatic and already has anything you still can come up with something. Because the technology will change a lot and in the past few years techonology has changed really strongly so there are still some gadgets your dad probably didn’t have. Of course, sport and fitness clothes will always do! I don’t think that your dad will sport everytime in the same clothes he has sweat in so sport or fitness clothes will do. You can find sport outfits at stores like Nike, Adidas, Reebok, etc. There are a lot of these kind of stores and if there aren’t you still can go to H&M and buy some clothes which also can be used as sport clothes, maybe not really professional but it still can be used. You can also go on the internet or go to official websites of Nike, Adidas, Reebok, etc.

Dads who loves to cook

My dad is one of them! For these kind of fathers you can buy (of course) kitchen stuffs. Or instead by buying stuff you can also cook for your dad. That is something more special and different. I know for sure that your dad will like it if you cook for him! For my dad his birthday I baked some cupcakes for him and the people who were invited. My dad was really happy with it. I think this time I’m going to cook something for my dad instead to bake. Because cooking will cost more effort which (maybe) will make your dad even more proud.

Delicious & handsome daddy

Do you have a father who really loves himself or who really loves to take care of his appearance? I think if I was a dad I would probably be like one of these kind of dads. I find this the easiest. You can buy perfume, clothes, accesoires, etc. Things like these will really do! What you also can do is to go out shopping with your dad. Show your dad your style or let your clothes choose out by your dad. I don’t think this one will be really difficult.

Techno papa

This one should be easy too, but expensive. It’s simple because your father definitely don’t have all the techno stuff that there is! Just what I said a while ago, technology change all the time so no one can have all the techno stuff. But the negative about this is that these stuff are very expensive. You can go and buy a new mobile Phone or something, but the question is: “Can you afford it?”. What maybe would do is just to buy something together with your mother, brothers and sisters. That will make it easier to afford it!

I don’t care fathers

It’s not that they don’t care it’s more like they don’t really mind what they get. My dad is also one of these. So, for these kind of dads you can go out to a restaurant or you can go to a cinema. Just a day out with you father will do. Some little times together with his children will already make their days. I don’t really know what to say anymore. I can only say that a day out will really do. It doesn’t matter to what just something that fits your dad, haha.

I wish you all goodluck and let me know which kind of dad your dad is in the comment section below!



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