BRAK: a new way of fashion

Hello everyone!

What do you guys think about these glasses? I really like them and the reasons and idea behind it! And I find them very unique! At first glance it looks very fashionable and different, but when you know from what it’s made of I think you will thik differently. Anyways, I had that.


These sunglasses are made from old and used skateboards. Now, you will probably think “uhhh…”. But that’s ok, because I was like that too. Anyways, it is still fashionable and it is very unique!

I don’t really know who are the ones that came up with this, but I have found out that 2 men from somewhere in Europe have found this out. Next to the fact that it’s very fashionable and unique, it is also earth-friendly which make these sunglasses even more special!

brak bcn 1 brak bcn 2 brak bcn 3 brak bcn 4 brak bcn 5

This is the BCN model. And this is also my favourite! I really like the way how it’s designed and the colors. I’m definitely going to buy this – if I got the money.

Currently the glasses are still no where to get only on there website. They are still busy with building up their online webshop, but if you want one you can send there an email and let them know which one you want. About the prices I also don’t know so when you are about to buy one of these glasses you could also ask for how much it costs.

brak dgo brak sf brak bcn 1 brak ccs brak aran

Right here you see all their other models.



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