I’m back!

Hello everyone!

I haven’t let you all know anything about me from the past few days, weeks. Starting from today I am going to do better my best for this blog! I think some of you might think “he always says he is going to do better, but after a while he is gone again!”. But this time I’m serious. I’ll explain it to you why I am thinking now in this way.

Yesterday night when I was brushing my teeth I thought by myself “what do I want to be? Who do I want to be? And what do I want with my life?“. These questions kept popping into my head when I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth. I have answered them in my own. So after I questioned myself I kinda sorted out and planned some things.

Starting from today I’m going to give myself 100% for the things I like to do and want to do. I’m always that lazy person and not discipline and I think that I am in need to make a change about that. So I am going to make an effort to do that. First of all, I want to be more active on my blog and post frequently which will reach me to a bigger audience.

Maybe some of you might know that I am accepted for a higher education on the secondary school. So after I get my diploma, I can start on the new school where a lot of other friends of mine are and where my little brother is. Of course, this education is a bit harder and has a lot more things that I need to do like homeworks, projects and things like that. This will cause me to have no time for my blog. But I will try my best to make time for my blog and keep you all updated! I have thought about to do my homework in school and in the afternoon and when it becomes night I’m going to work on my blog.

I’m a person who gets effected easily by his milieu and the comments from the people around him. I have found out that I only can be succesful when I am myself and show myself! Because of the reason that I’m easily effected by my milieu I was scared to show myself and be myself. I was scared that people didn’t like me, but I’ll make a change about that. I know that everyone has haters and haters made them who they are. I don’t want to create any haters, but I am going to be myself and if there is hate, I will just turn my back on! “The strongest can always survive!” ~ JC

I hope that this has convinced you that I want to go for it 100% and keep you all updated!



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Urban Buttons

Hello everyone!

For this post I came up with an outfit I styled and as inspiration I had hiphop. The music genre hiphop is getting  a lot more attention by singers and listeners. Fashion is created with music as inspiration. So this is the outfit I styled.


You would probably think “what? Black pants in this weather?!”. To remind you, I didn’t styled this because of the weather, but because of the music genre hiphop. And the weather here in The Netherlands is never the same so I doesn’t mind to wear black. Actually, I was actually to wear a black T-shirt, but white fits better to it!

Here underneath I found out 6 different ways to style this outfit:











  1. This one you probably have seen it before in the previous post. I closed only 1 button by my last outfit, here I have closed 2 buttons. This way of styling gives off a cool image. Even though this style is more hiphop oriented, this way of styling gives you also a bolder image.
  2. This way of wearing you probably have done it before. All the buttons open. This gives you a casual radiation. The funny thing about wearing this is that it looks very spontaneous!
  3. This one gives off a really sexy and a challenging image. Merely, I’m not so sexy, haha. It’s actually about who it wears. As you can see in this picture, it looks like I use drugs, but I don’t. This means I have to use eye crème!!! Anyways, about the outfit. I wore this shirt with 2 buttons closed, but then start from the bottom and the others open. This gives off a sexy, challenging and rough image.
  4. This one I like the most! I got my inspiration from Beyonce her latest tour, “Mrs. Carter World Tour 2″. She also used a shirt around her middle, so do I. At first I try to make the sleeves to the same lenght, then I made a knot in it and then I surrounded the sleeves 1 time around the knot and finally I made another knot in it. This one gives also a sexy image, but not rough or challenging. You could wear it like this when the weather is hot!
  5. This one is the simplest. Here I put my shirt away and only used the clothes I already have on. Now, that I put the shirt away you could see the necklace better. I used the necklace also in the other 4 outfits. In this oufit you could the necklace better, because the focus goes to the necklace. This one is very simple and gives off a casual image.
  6. For this outfit I don’t have a photo, because I just thought of this one. This one everyone knows already, so that’s why a photo is also needed. This one is just closing all the buttons. It gives off a clean and casual image.

IMG_1266 IMG_1264 IMG_1248

Red Checkered shirt / H&M
White T-shirt / New Yorker (SMOG)
Black Skinny Jeans / H&M
Red Adidas shoes / Adidas store in Italy
Wing Necklace / Ebay



Cold Spring Days

Hello everyone!

It’s beginning to get warmer here in the Netherlands, but you never know how our weather reacts. So, for today I styled up this outfit!


I havo to say that this outfit is a really bad idea to wear in hot weather like those in Los Angeles as an example. I wore it when it was around 20 to 25 degrees so it was really hot! But of course, you can wear this when the weather is a bit cold and windy. The colors of these clothes really matched each other even though it doesn’t really match with the weather.

Here I have a few examples on how you could style this outfit.







  1. This one just throw the cardigan over your shoulders and your done. Some people might think it looks girly, but I don’t think it does. I think it’s very cool. It gives more a cool image, like a badboy, haha.
  2. In this one the style looks more clear.  It gives you more a manly and cool image than a badboy image.
  3. I don’t think this one is very useful to walk around on the Streets, but you still can try it out! This one gives you more a badboy image than the first one. This one is for the real badboys out there, haha.

IMG_0450 IMG_0445 IMG_0444

Varsity jacket / Primark
T-shirt / Unknown (clothing store in China)
Grey Skinny Jeans / Primark
Bordeaux red flats / Primark



Another Blogging Tag

Hello everyone!

In this tag we’re supposed to talk about our own blog. Every other blogger has different answers so this time I’m going to talk about my own blog! Hope you all will like it! :)


What would you like to change about your blog and would you like to keep?

There’s a lot of thing that can do better. Like the way I use my English. I think my English isn’t really that good so I want to change that. English isn’t my first language and yet I am blogging in English. Also I would like to change is when I am posting. Since I haven’t posted for a long time I am really upset about that. And the reason behind isn’t really a good reason, I think. So, I will try my best to post everyday!

So, now about the things I would like to keep. I would like to keep my lay-out, because even though it’s simple and it is still goodlooking! So, I really like it. I wish I knew how to use codes, because then I would make my own lay-out. This lay-out is from wordpress. It’s not bad, but I can’t change anything…:(

Do I do everything for my blog on my own?

Of course not. I’m not that good in techonology – I wish I was good at it. The things that I do on my own is writing the posts, coming with ideas, recording my videos and editing my videos. That’s all I do for my blog. Okay, maybe the most of the things I do on my own, but it’s because I don’t know any one who can help me out with other things…

photo camera

Which mark do you give to your blog? (From 1- 10)

I think it will be a 6, because I don’t post a lot and my English grammar isn’t really that good. But I really like the lay-out of my blog. Just what I said a while ago “it’s simple and it is still goodlooking.

What is a disadvantage about blogging, if you had to choose.

For me it’s the time. I already don’t have a lot of time due to schoolwork and many other things and my blog is a fashion and my life blog so I need to make time to make the photos. It’s not the time that I needed to write, but the time to take photos and the time to get inspiration. I can’t get inspiration out of nowhere so I need to think about it. Even though I really like blogging and share my style with you all! :)

What do you think about blog(ging) about personal things?

I really like those! I also think that personal blogpost or personal blogs are the most favourite blogs and blogposts by readers.

This the end of the another blogging tag! If you want me to do more of these tags then comment below :)



P.S. the latest picture is from weheartit